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Emotional Polemics

•August 13, 2009 • Leave a Comment (Edit)

Struggling with ideas, methods, outlook and concept in a relationship ¿ (No need to answer it was rhetorical) Differences like these can lead into polemical  attacks on each other in almost any area of daily life » probably leads to endless discussions and confrontations.

I’m learning to accept opposing points of view and to limit the scope of  disagreements. Bringing up shit “things” from five or six months ago is a mute point and should be addressed with out the “ed” {… kids stay on your toes “in the present tense.”}

Sometimes we sit around arguing about nothing over think things and make too much out of nothing , my personal situation is soo much deeper than I’m willing to share with the world, however because I asked (Rhetorically) here is a TramueLism™ … most men want to be in a committed relationship with a woman , I mean how long can you keep smashing chicks with reckless abandonment and continue having endless one night standsdoing me”. « Women love to call BS on this but us men think different. We have an incessant need to  make sure things are right {education and career} before we take the next step. No one wants to walk in and over hear that conversation between yo’ woman and her girls § cause’ if things aren’t right you know it’s coming up in the next “This Nicka Ain’t Isht” meeting §

DISCLAIMER: The random thought of “smashing girls … ” was an attempt at levity and not an endorsement for being unhealthily addicted to sex misguided souls.

NEEDED: A Practical Modus Vivendi

NEEDED: A Practical Modus Vivendi