The problem is we're sorry sir, 

Your Race Card's been declined,

You could've used it years ago,

Like Diners Club that time,

For Black Men in America,

A new standard's been set,

White House yeah great and all,

Barack's now a Chia Pet!

Green afro sprouting from his dome,

As seen on the TV,

Don King is the only other,

Brother Chia honoree,

You too can have bean sprouts for hair,

Take care of your damn kids!

Marry one of your Baby Mamas...

Hey Ladies! Now place your bids!

Yes you too can get A-head,

By paying attention in class,

Chia Pets don't even rock doo-rags,

Or jeans hanging off their ass,

A Chia head or just ahead,

Act now but wait there's more,

Such an honor you cannot buy,

Offer not available in stores,

To hell with who says you're "acting white,"

When you apply yourself in school,

Learn to speak with proper usage,

Though streetslang is the rule,

When favorite gangsta rappers,

Get out of jail with a felony son,

Likely they have a pain in ass,

Can't vote or get a gun,
We all wear uniforms,

Whether we know it or not,

Are you dressed to get a job?

Or bars three hots and a cot?

You know we're so sorry sir,

Your Race Card's been declined,

Boo-hoo, yeah life's unfair,

Take a number get in line,

Blood was spilled,

In historic amounts,

But you can't draft,

From forebears accounts,

Don't act like you can't hustle,

Seen your curbside marketing skills,

The mark-up for profit is less son,

But I know you can close deals,

For Black Men in America,

A new standard's been set,

Heres your stop get off the ride,

Hey, are we there yet?

We've got a few more blocks to go,

But give thanks for the lift,

So many before did the grunt work,

Let's bust ass this shift!

-Edward Fuller