The Most Interesting Man In The World

"I don't always post but when I do I prefer WordPress." - Mr.TramueL™ Photobucket

I started posting to satisfy the voices in my head not to change the world, but what I found were a great group of writers, blogger's and personalities that have influenced me, challenged me or provoked a thought process and for that I'm most appreciative. Shout out to GI, Sunny D., Ms.Nikks ('cause I am nasty), Cyn, C.Black, Mase' & J.Shin.

This week I went back through my post and cleaned them up a bit; added pictures, cleaned up fonts where I could and er'thang. I noticed that there are topics that I enjoy & are a part of my daily life that are missing from here. There are post on my Posterous that are indicative of those passions, but even then only a few. So in my struggle to find the direction of  my space on WordPress  I've decided to do what I've always done, post about life's ironic twist & how they may sometimes startle us. I've also started a Photo blog that will include random photo's about nothing.

This year I will attempt to answer the following questions:

  • How often do you do laundry?
  • Clean the bathroom?
  • Floss your teeth?

Two Zero Dimes first Do As I Say, Not As I Do

  • Reconcile Passion & Intimacy.
  • Don't get carried away by Idealism.
  • Not everything has to be revealed.
  • Keep in touch with reality as well as fantasy.
  • Learn to handle disappointment.

That's my time. I'm at the Public Library 'pose to be studying but I'm talking to the voices in my head.

*Drops Mic. Pours accelerant on stage as I exit. Strikes match. Throws lit match over left shoulder. Stage erupts in flames. Crowd goes wild!*