Money Is A Good Servant But A Bad Master

Shirt-Blue-Tie-256 It’s Me … Mr.TramueL! Seems like forever since I left you without a strong post to step to. Bear with me on this one ‘cause I don’t know the point I’m trying to make. Random thoughts around my ex, un-employment and my future.

Of The Job Interview: Interviewed with Bank of America this week (Third interview in as many days) … a little history, I was a victim of “workforce reduction” two years ago this month. The new position to many would be considered a step backwards but hey I gotta eat, baby mama’s want child-support and kids want gifts.

Of The Ex: My ex-wife through all of our years together {total of 14 maybe, married 7 or 8 of them} who really remembers? Don’t answer & don’t judge me … anywho let’s call her “Chica” ‘cause her dad was Dominican and after I took my last name back she decided to use his (used her mama’s maiden name prior) but I digress. Anywho, Chica tends to remember our wedding day and sends text messages saying “Happy Anniversary” I guess you would have to understand her personality to understand why, sure there is some sarcasm there but secretly she still desires me, I mean who wouldn’t? I’m an incredibly sexy man. J/K ☚*Disclaimer just in case she ever reads this, but we all know the truth. Wink. WInk. Blank Stare.*

You have questions: “Mr.TramueL? What does this have to do with the title of your post.” Well I have answers … The recruiter, the interviewers all made a subtle hint at the variance in salary from my previous position with the bank to the max pay for the position applied, my “read”, they wanted some explanation why I wanted to work in their department. So I gave the corporate “build a foundation” speech. I looked over at one of the women during the interview and she was salivating .. I guess it was what she wanted to hear or it could have been my crisp white shirt with my blue tie & my Austin Reed suit. *Shout out to three buttons, back vents & Euro cut*

It resonated with me, the question of money, it seems for the sake of making a living we forget to live. I thought being a good husband meant working like a rant mule so that we could have “things” … the best things in life aren’t things. Chica seemed to want the best of both worlds, She said: “Go pick up that bail of hay negro & afterwards let’s go on a trip to Africa.” I said: (Nothing) But I thought … never allow your sense of self to become associated with your sense of a job. If your job vanishes, your self doesn’t. The happiest time of my life has been during this period of unemployment, I’ve been able to spend more time with my family immediate and extended, been able to reveal some hidden passions and get serious about my health, my relationship with Capital G’dizzle, His Son & their Homie the Holy Ghost. There are plenty of folk whom have found the acquisition of wealth only a change, not an end of miseries. “Mo Money, Mo Problems”

Don’t cry for me Argentina this isn’t a nostalgia piece about my ex or the past but a segway into my future, this is about lessons learned and carrying them forward.

Of My Future: Relaxed in Love.

He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. Ecclesiastes 5:10 NASB

Mr. “She remembers our anniversary, I remember our divorcesary” TramueL