Random Post About Not Having Anything To Post


Mr.TramueL’s Top Ten List of Things He Would Write About ‘Cause They’ve Been Sitting in His Drafts Folder For a Year.

I know that’s an extremely long title for a list … anywho

10. My Fascination With My Teeth After Every Dental Visit. I’d write about this except for you all already receive the spammed texts, Emails, tweets & links to “How to whiten your teeth for free”

9.  Happy Valentines Day! I would write about this one except for funds were low this year (as they were last year)  & I didn’t feel like haggling with the authorized resellers of baskets along the side of the road. The snow didn’t even stop these guys this year!

8. The Realest (Insert Explicative) I Ever Wrote. I’d write about this except I want to do a VBlog {The Reason I keep playing with Youtube Video’s & Editing them} … except then it wouldn’t be “The Realest (insert Explicative) I Ever Wrote” … it would be “The Realest (Insert Explicative) I Ever Recorded and that doesn’t sound as sexy.

7. Eff a Quote, Tell Me What You Know. I hate when people (RE)Tweet, Update their status or e-mail me intuitively obvious quotes from famous people. “If you put on your shoes in the morning without putting on your socks first then today you will be without socks.” –Anonymous … I’d write about his but it must be true ‘cause Rev Run Wisdom wrote it.

6. Social Media Beef. My Ex-Wife, Baby-Mama mother of my child proceeds to tell all of her Facebook friends that I was an absentee father because of something that happened between her & my son {What did I have to do with it? … Nothing.} She is Bi-Polar mistaken, we were all together days before that on a road trip home to VA, days before that she called ‘cause she broke a nail & couldn’t drive him to get a haircut for ROTC. Yeah I would write about that except for they won’t find her until the leaves blow away ‘cause I’m not raking til’ Spring.

5. The Disconnect. I’d write about this but I would need years of research and it’s already been proven that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Have you ever worked with, dated, met, held a conversation with someone where you’ve just looked at them and said … well, nothing? I’ve learned that there are two kinds of people who don't say much: those who are quiet and those who talk a lot.

4. What I Wanna be When I Grow Up. I’d write about this except I don’t wanna grow up. Be more childlike and less childish.

3. Little Known Mr.TramueL Facts. You all know why I can’t write about this … it’s all relative and according to the general theory of relativity t!his  would cause a Black Hole. {Science}

2. I’m the Best You’ll Ever Have. I’d write about this ‘cause every woman I’ve ever dated be on that same ole’ bullshyt  “They are the best I’ve ever had” & that I’ll wish that I’d stayed with them & eventually at some point I’ll want them back but it will be too late. Out of all of the random women I’ve smashed beautiful ladies I’ve dated it hasn’t happened yet. Note to Self: Mr.TramueL One. Beautiful ladies Zero.

And the Number 1ne Thing Mr.TramueL Would Write About ‘Cause They’ve Been Sitting in His Drafts Folder For a Year ………….

1. Women are Manipulators, Men are Controlling. I would write about this one except “she” said “If you don’t get off of that machine and come get on t!his …” but I chastised her for not using the or-else clause.