Three Sides to Every Story

I Am

Three stories indirectly related, one common theme.

Part I

Blog Bugaboo

I have an interesting blog follower who comments in stealth mode via email. The comments are always cynical and sarcastic. I assume it is someone from my past who can’t live without me. Any who, they recently made a few comments implying that I hide behind a cyber mask and made up strength and cited a few post. The common factor involves MY opportunities as lessons and how I speak of my relationship's; romantic or otherwise which are few and very rare.

Part II

Character Flaws

Pragmatic discussions with girls that are friends often uncover some character flaw within me. The latest query “Why do men take their frustrations of outside influences out on those closest to them …?”

This was asked by a great friend and her perspective is relative to her relationship with her husband, of course my experience [no longer being married] is similar in that it involves The TramueL Formerly Known As or The One[s] Who Wanted To Be TramueL.

Part III


I haven’t defined any resolution[s] for the new year. "When you are on a great path you don't necessarily need to make resolutions. I simply resolve to keep evolving into the man God intended." Not my words but this is how I move.

 All three are respective of communication.

When we don’t understand purpose, we begin to misinterpret motive.


Of Part I

I talk about specific behaviors, actions and words; my post are reflective of my experience, I own them & should not be considered a generalization for all men.

Speaking well of anyone with whom I’ve been involved romantically, especially The TramueL Formerly Known As is born from a bond of love not an obligation for it. The best gift any parent can give a child is to love and respect the second half of their tag team duo.

Things are not always Zen like … we battle unassumingly over the direction for the kids & at times about unresolved emotions. I never win but I Am right 99.9% of the time. Get like me.

I Am no do-gooder nor Am I a law-breaker [Except for speeding, jay walking & that one time at band camp] however, I’m not afraid of the "dark side" of the force Luke, and occasionally I bend the rules if I feel the need to do so.

Of Part II

At times I Am impatient, I become vexed and lash out at those closest to me. The following reads like an excuse not a valid reason but it is my truth. The folks closest to me want me to win, develop my gifts and fulfill my potential. They know my weaknesses and challenge me to grow, when I know I Am not doing what I need to do is when this awareness pushes my buttons.

& I Am obviously drawn to story tellers, not liars but folks who love telling a long, detailed story to ask me a question or to make their point. It always starts with the conception, months of pregnancy, labor pains & birth of a child when all I really need is to see the baby. Please, just show me the baby.

I know these friends are not attacking me, it is love, however I tend to listen with my mouth instead of my ears.

Of Part III

Reading post from The Blog Circle on resolutions have sparked a few thought[s]. My BIGgest take away is the necessity to evaluate progress. Resolutions can help us penetrate our self-deceptions and illusions. Resolutions are never enough but they do provide an opportunity. So, I resolve to communicate more effectively. I resolve to communicate love through a balance of support and confrontation and be willing to except the same. I resolve to evaluate my progress.

I Am