Note(s) About Deception, Voice(s), Book(s), Dream World(s) & Independence


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We deceive and then we deceive about the fact that we deceive.


There is a quiet, sensual power in a woman's voice. To hear her speak fills my heart.

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I know you all have heard me mention Kirk Franklin’s The Blueprint A Plan for Living Above Life's Storms fifty-eleven times, well here is the fifty-twelfth time.  The blogosphere & media are engulfed with the singledome & singledoom of you coloreds. You also know that I try to look at the “why” instead of offering my point of view, even though I’m right ninety-nine point nine percent of the time. If you know & understand the “why” you can solve your own problems & that’s exactly what Chapter’s Six through Eight do for singlehood. “Mr.TramueL? You’ve got to let me hold that book!” Noooo my brother(s) & sister(s), you’ve got to buy your own. No excerpts, however the titles alone offer insight …

Chapter Six – If You’re Single, Make Some Noise

Chapter Seven – The Blueprint for My Soldiers

Chapter Eight – The Blueprint for Adam: Men & Sex

Chapter Nine – The Blueprint for Eve: Women & Sex

I’ve also recently finished Practical Intelligence, The Art and Science of Common Sense by Karl Albrecht & Native Son by Richard Wright. Yep, because I wanted you to know. Mr.TramueL is a bibliophile. I love everything from her smell to the way the crease in her back leads to her bottom … wait, never mind.

Dream World(s)

Keeping your eyes wide shut. Focus on seeing things as they are, not as you want them to be.


Sometimes we’re too dependent on ourselves and our own strengths.

{Shout out to God}

Mr. Reconciling the Material & the Spiritual TramueL