Training Day

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workshopa1 (1) Edited

Slight Work.

A break in monotony or routine is a welcome change for me during the work day. A few exceptions exist; the meeting about the meeting, ultimately it is about another meeting and training. Normally I would doodle, count the number of bad weaves and make fun of the ugly people with my work-wife and press on.

The training involved a BIG change. A change in segment and changes in our processes, both were welcomed. Everyone was ready to innovate, to change the world. My thinking style is absolutely unique to me, I like to have my own ideas about things, form an opinion and think over the problem. The problem with this is no one thinks like me, if they did the office would be a better place. I'm kidding but no seriously.

Today my work-wife was not present and I had to value the ideas of others. Chaos.

Mr.TramueL's observation on chaos: If everyone believed in peace, they would immediately begin fighting over the best way to achieve it.

A few members of the team and an exercise in observation.

The Know it All

The obvious answer is always overlooked.

The Blonde

Anytime you get a mouthful of hot coffee the next thing you do will be wrong.

The Validation Hunter

Everyone desires to be respected, appreciated and for some even admired. If you spend the whole day hunting for validation tho' ... never mind.

The Subject Matter Expert

What fun is it to be an expert if you make yourself easy to understand?

The New Guy

"In my old department we did it like this ..."  Explained so clearly that no one could possibly misunderstand, however we were all confused.

I Am