Exercise in Observation

My social media streams are diverse. Included are elements of everything that I love; music, food, photography, sports and reading [books and blogs]. There are very few antipathies, if I encounter anything I disagree with, rather than debate I remind myself that living souls have the right to believe who, what, when, where and why they want. Arguing is the least effective way of changing someone’s mind.

With emotional polemics, context communicates as strongly as content. Two themes dominated my streams over the weekend. 


Music. It drops and everyone becomes a critic. Our emotions are unquestionably effected by music. Writing style, our relation to the beat or our personal experience with the lyrics; it shouldn’t matter why we prefer an artist. You’re not dope or vapid because you listen to them


Relationships. Everyone can and is entitled to have opinions and beliefs on relationships. I’m positive there is more than one right answer. Your belief shouldn’t come off as one of authority. There is specific education, training and licensing involved in becoming … never mind. I’ve yet to read, hear or see anything I would do, consider or believe to be effective for someone who is interested in a healthy partnership from the experts.

There is an art to music and relationships, always listen for the subtext; facts, feelings, values and opinions.

Listen to your He/Art 

I Am