Fine Tuned Sensibilities

Twitter relationship experts get a few things wrong.

Today I exchanged emails with an ex, it was standard operating procedure; How are you doing? How are your people? We both have sons that graduated high school recently, so how each of them chose to navigate their way into adulthood was the theme of our discussion. Also, there was the subtle mention of “even the little one.” When we were together she adopted a dog so I assumed she was referencing him. I’m pretty quick-witted and quick with it, but it took me a few messages before I decided to ask how Rocky, the Bijan Frise was doing [that dog hated me, his favorite bone was in my leg] to which she replied I gave him away, he was getting out of pocket.


Show me the baby, I’ont need the labor pains. I am extremely happy for her as I knew creating life was a great desire.


She & I present proof positive that while it may be challenging to “eat where you work” it is not impossible. We worked together, hung out as part of an eating out/ bowling/ holiday celebrating/ traveling crew of five and developed a friendship before she became drunk in love. That’s not ego, that’s just me writing. Want love? Don’t date. We spend a great deal of time at work, science proves that we have a tendency to form friendships with those we encounter often. Propinquity effect.

The science is true, don’t be misled by facts.

We can also challenge the idea that living souls can’t be friends or remain amicable after a split. It has been years but we stay in contact, not to the point of disrespecting our significant others. A birthday wish, a salutation, a greeting or in this case a well wish.

Current Realities

The Future and I also defy society’s edicts by challenging the second chance theory. There are a lot of people that believe going back to an ex never works. I believed this myself, we’ve all heard or said “You’ll never find someone like me.”  Right, that would be the point. However, [insert a bunch of idioms to include; never say never] this is our second chance and we are better prepared to experience each other along the journey.

I’ve decided to go on a self-imposed time out and mute conversations about relationships, I’ve yet to see anyone tweet or post anything that I would do, consider, or believe to be effective for someone who is interested in a healthy relationship. I appreciate those that change the conversation; those who understand context communicates as strongly as content.

I Am