Forever Young, D. Christopher (2nd)

To be young and carefree, again. 

The majority of adults would probably give just about anything in the world to return to their youth. This, of course, is hardly possible as one cannot turn back the hands of time. It is also a sentiment I find just as impossible to convey to young adolescence. For whatever reasons, children nowadays are eager to become adults. 

If you sit and listen to the average teenager between the ages of 13 and 18, they have life all but figured out. They will tell you everything that is wrong in the world. The only problem: that same world awaits each and every one of them. And just as adults recognized beforehand, there arrives the moment of truth where we realized it was merely innocence talking. The truth is - life comes at you fast. 

Even faster if you rushed childhood. 

So young hearts be free. Once grown, one can never go back. Embrace youth. Like I warned my daughter Christina, don't be so in a hurry to grow up, cause you gotta figure that you will be older way longer than its opposite. 

Or so I've heard. 

Forever young.

D. Christopher,

Former blogger, freelance writer, currently studying Criminal Justice, member of Alpha Phi Sigma: Criminal Justice Honor Society.