Mock Aggression

I've been meditating consistently for the past four months. Typically first thing when I wake, then an afternoon quickie and then to block out the noise on the bus ride home. On average I meditate about 30 minutes per day, while this has helped in areas such as focus, concentration and encouragement for a healthier life – it has also helped me to become more self-aware.

The opportunity with self-awareness has been following a code of intelligent discourse. Today provided several opportunities. Starting with my workout at the YMCA, driving Brian to school, grabbing coffee, the bus ride to work and work itself.

A code of intelligent discourse


I witness it daily, others believing their way of thinking is the only way to think. Today in particular my choice to patronize the YMCA versus the $10 membership at one of the nationwide gyms. Honestly, I Am open to hear others point of view – You could learn something new and possibly save big bucks, no whammies. However, when that point of view comes from a place of authority I go ghost.

 I will regularly use "to-me" language, to remind myself and others of the self-locality of my views and to explicitly affirm the rights of others to hold their own views.



Y’all know me, I Am black and ugly as ever however I stay Apple down to my socks and at work we get serious this time of year with walking and weight loss competitions. In an effort to compete with everyone, I at one time had a Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band and an Apple Watch on my wrist(s) but I’m dope as shit because I own Apple products and they’re vapid as fuck because they don’t.

 I will refrain from personal attacks on those who disagree with me. Such as name calling, labeling. Sarcasm, ridicule, and imputing disreputable motives to them.


Heavy sigh.

After I dropped Brian off at school for tutoring, traffic was heavy on the inna’ states so I cut through town, it was also heavy in those streets. I was moving slow with the patience of a million grandmothers playing bingo. Folks were being nice, letting others in and out of traffic and then out of nowhere someone cut in front of me. Not the normal, turn on a signal and move at the same time but quite literally, no eye contact, move bitch get out the way cut in. I delivered a poetic verbal assault greater than Black Thought’s Freestyle on Hot 97.

 I will carefully limit the use of "should" language and coercive "verbal bludgeons," which others may perceive as bullying, unwanted advice, or pressure to behave as I dictate.


I accept that my tastes are different and that is ok. I do not have to like what others like simply because they like it.  I’m fond of a lot of things & while I love to discuss music, technology, photography or eating pizza - it is hard to discuss intelligently at times. I understand that there is always dissent which makes for great debate. However, if I say I prefer a hand tossed crust over a thin crust there is no need to say to me that the merciless god of perfection prefers that we eat deep dish. I value your point of view but again, not when it comes from a place of authority.

 I will regularly use expressions that remind myself and others of the relativity and self-locality of truth and affirm that each person is entitled to his or her own perspective.

In despair, but not lost. I try to remind myself, trials may come yet hope lies at dawn.   @whoislimos  

In despair, but not lost. I try to remind myself, trials may come yet hope lies at dawn.  @whoislimos 

I Remain