October Observation #10

People Who Don't Hear Me

In social settings, I Am generally reserved and feel most comfortable one on one or one on two. Most of us like the energy in the room; loud music, laughter, or sports broadcasted across large screens — These are all nice but in order for me to enjoy myself, I have to charge up my energy to participate. I do enjoy the connection with people I'm speaking to, but the energy in the room takes a lot out of me and I need at least two-three days to recover.

Lol, I'm just serious.

I recognize that I have a difficult time with people who ignore specific things I’ve said, either specific attributes about me or suggestions I've offered. No one is excluded; family, friends, or co-workers. I get animated talking about things I love; pizza, socks, big butts, etc. and will give you the statistics, ratios, math, and science behind it all.

When asked.

I'm good on the big butt thing 'cause Mrs. T never reads these post.

To that point, nothing blesses a man more than a woman involved with his recreation.

I tend to take a non-directive approach, answering questions only when I am asked, carefully limiting the use of "should" language or being so matter of fact that it turns into unwanted advice, or pressure to behave as I decree.

In my former life, I was a mighty King.

I'm not sure what it is about me, it could be my reserved nature that makes others, often strangers, share their stories with me. Most folks want someone who will listen and empathize so what I won't do is provide immediate advice or offer thoughts and prayers. However, if I Am asked to think of problem-solving ideas, they are gonna catch these words of wisdom while I sit high on my throne.

I'm working on me, meditating and shit. The problem I Am having lately is with the people who desire to interact with me on a personal level but genuinely have no clue as to who I Am, or are ignoring these words of wisdom, wasting my time and energy. They aren't looking for change they are looking for someone to validate their bad choices.

You don't hear me tho'