Random Observation #2,915

I have friends, co-workers and family members who always offer their opinion or love to make the conversation about them. What I haven't figured out is if this is simply their communication style or if it really should always be about them. I recently had surgery and wanted to keep folks informed, what I received from some were personal stories of failure and what I would do's if I were you's. Unlike the Compassion of Others

I'm pretty good about self-solving [TramueL's Law: A theory is better than its explanation] but I'm also not afraid to ask for help when needed. My be you [tiful] mind broke it down so it is forever and consistently broke.  

In communicating; verbally or electronically I will follow TramueL's Law: 

Self-reference. I will regularly use "to-me" language. My views, value judgements, beliefs, assumptions and conclusions are my own.  Just like everyone else. 

Non-aggression. I will refrain from personal attacks on living souls who disagree with me; no calling out their name, talking about their mama, sarcasm, covert tweets or shade. 

Providing advice. I will provide advice only if solicited. One of the keys to giving advice is knowing when a person actually wants it. I have a girl that is a friend that calls or texts to complain [sometimes daily] but she does not want advice. Even when there is a problem with a clear solution, she will ignore it and continue to complain. At those times, I realize that she only seeks to vent and get the thoughts out of her head. No solution is being sought nor will she implement one in the future.