Random Observation #3,001

Give Up Conversation, But Don’t Say Nothing.    

I am no longer a fan of small talk. I’ve always been on the edge of understanding its importance but my experience over the past year has pushed me over. All the way over.  

Point of No Return

People, more often than not, are not genuinely interested in how you spent your weekend, the rain in Spain, how coffee taste, if you’ve ever been to the moon or what does 'touche et lele pu' mean and use it as an opportunity to talk about themselves. I’m not speaking of a healthy exchange where living souls actively listen to each other and engage in a nice conversation flow but… 

How do you go from “we spent the weekend in Asheville for our birthday” immediately to a conversation about someone’s high school foreign exchange program from 20 years ago? 

No well-wish, no happy birthday. 



Harm None,