Six Word Memoirs


Moved to Charlotte; and life began.

Under the illusion that I would be happy moving to a new city, my truth is/was internal problems can not be fixed with external solutions.

Trouble is a teacher in disguise.

Success did not satisfy and failure caused disillusionment. Learned a valuable lesson about money; find what can truly make you happy outside of money, and then use money (if needed) to facilitate those things. 

Males are emotional, men master theirs.

Listen to your heart; How can you respect and listen to her's if you don't respect and listen to your own. 

Stress; make things easier, not harder.

We are provided millions of ways to reduce stress. The goal is to create a want for a product and/ or service. We, at times without pause pay for the chance to suspend our reality. 

Givers must learn to be receivers.

Givers at times mis-associate the actions of a taker with what it means to receive. You have to be able to discern and identify the givers and takers in your life. Takers are not qualified to receive.

I remain.