Dates, Love, Slaying Dragons & Mr. Me Too

Of Dates

Saturday Michelle [The Future] and I celebrated our birthdays, which fell on the 17th and 21st respectively. Bar hopping we found ourselves at Studio Movie Grill at the Epicenter. We decided to see The Butler [and by we I mean she] with an hour and some odd amount of minutes to kill we headed upstairs to the bar. I rarely go anywhere for the energy in the room or just to be around people but alas, the things we do for a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E. I accepted the loud music, laughing and small talk from the bar goers and bar tender simply because our conversations were one on one or one on two. For me it is more about the connection that I have with the person I Am speaking to.

Of Love

We engaged in a conversation with a younger couple and their single male friend about a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E. It started off interesting enough as they were genuinely interested in our story and we tried to drop knowledge on their single friend who was on a hunt to not be single, at least for the night. What bores me and why I don’t enjoy conversations about love is that we mostly describe it as something a woman gives a man, and something he is entitled to have.

Of Slaying Dragons

The couple and single dude are from DC, the conversation shifts to their life here in the QC. During an exchange with single dude we discussed slaying dragons, stories about “the incident” ours were unrelated but similar in experience. I found myself in a competition [albeit one-sided] for the hardest story, word to life son or in this case death. “Yo man, trip this I was out on the ave man this fool lookin at me wrong so I pulled out my motherfucking nine and I smoked his ass!” Don’t always think so big; you can tone down rhetoric without losing intensity. Meet Mr. Me Too.

Of Mr. Me Too

Sometimes I try to be the observer and the observed. I understand that my experience will not be the same as others. During another exchange with single dude I again felt my point of view was the springboard for one-upmanship. Single Dude: “Oh? You ran butt naked in the streets of your hometown?” “Well I ran butt naked in the jungles of Africa”

Don’t make such a point of being different. Ordinary things can be interesting too. 

Cultivate individuality, I Am