The Terrifying Acceleration of Interpersonal Communications Will Uglify all Hope for Human Psyche

Blackberry 8707g_64
Blackberry 8707g_64

I’m going to do something a little different with this post. I’m going to share  a few tools that I use that make my life more productive, some you may use, some you may have seen, some you may have not. That’s right Mr.TramueL is a closet tech-nerd who cares about the ho-zone … excuse me, what I meant to write was the ozone, saving the dolphins and green peace, but it ain’t easy being green. “She” said you should share some of that information with me. I decided to share it with the world. That’s right folks the whole world.

Without further adieu …


Evernote: Apps for Android, Blackberry, Palm, iPhone, iPad, iBoard, and the iMat. One account works across all of your devices. Text, email, speak, clip from the web any idea or thought and it syncs automatically everywhere.

Dropbox: Dropbox picks up where Evernote left off. Online backup, file sync and sharing. Music, Videos, Photo’s, Word & PDF documents. The free platform has it’s storage limits. (There is a Premium service) you can add extra space by having your friends and family sign-up and download the application on their machine. I share music and photo’s as well as backup a few files. (If you are interested, let me send you an invite! I need more space man!)

YouVersion: No longer can you say “I didn’t have time to read the word.” Pastor, Reverend, Elder or Daddy … or whom ever you answer to. Word. This is an online and mobile Bible, with reading plans so you are never out of touch no matter where you are. (Get off of Twitter and Study!) FREE app for all mobile platforms.

Windows SkyDrive: (Sorry! Can't set up a link, you need a Windows Live Profile) The service currently offers 25 GB of free personal storage, with individual files limited to 50 MB. You need a Windows Live  ID … but who cares?! it’s 25 GB of free online storage. Use it to hide those compromising photo’s of you and yo’ special friend doing what you did when you did it in Vegas.

Windows Live Writer: T!his is a desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using your current blog service.  (My new favorite! )I’ve used this to post my last five Blog post. The more professional of you may have been asked to provide an HTML version of a Blog to be incorporated on another Bloggers page. Well this makes it extremely easy to do so. Link it with your Youtube account and import videos seamlessly. Lots of benefits to this … listen to me now and believe me later. Check it out. Combine this with Movie Maker and you are sure to have yo’ five minutes of fame!


Google Voice: Unfortunately this one is available by invite only but I thought I would mention it so you will be aware just in case someone says “Man I have two Google Voice invites but no one wants them.” Ladies throw yourself at this man! Fella’s if it’s a (wo)man throw yourself at her! If you’re using an Android based handset (Lucky Bastard!) the app is incredible! Google makes it very easy to use from any Mobile browser though. Here are a few of the features …

  • Google voicemail: voicemail like email
  • Voicemail transcription: read what your voicemail says
  • Custom greetings: vary voicemail greetings by caller
  • International calling: low cost calls to the world
  • Notifications: read voicemail messages via email or SMS
  • Share voicemails: forward, embed, or download voicemails
  • One number: a single phone number that rings all your phones
  • Free SMS: send, receive & store text messages online
  • Block calls: send unwanted callers straight to voicemail
  • Record calls: record phone calls and store them online
  • Conference calls: join several people into a single call
  • Screen callers: hear who is calling before you pick up

I have it, use it and it is truly TramueListic! Holla at yo’ boy! So comfortable that I want you to have my number 704.951.76xx (I changed my mind at the last minute! I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year who the eff' are ya'll?) … prank call if you want! I’ll block you, I can even make you think the number has been dis-connected. I also have a connection with Top Flight Security of the World. The Whole World.

Honorable mentions include Google Calendar, Google Books, Google Docs, Google Reader … I guess anything Google ‘cause it’s free!

Live Well,

Mr. “These are just a few, I’ma make this a two-part series” TramueL