Excuse Me Maam, Sir … There Is Something On Your Nose

_42924117_noseaward203 Human Resource, Policies & Procedures, Code of Ethics, Employment At Will & Brown-nosing … office politics. It is not necessary to run for a public office to be immersed in politics. Politics by definition refers to the process and method of decision-making. Awww, that’s nice but I graciously decline your definition Mr. Webster, sir. Politics is about power; the ability to impose ones will on another.

I’ve given thought to and observed behaviors on my current cubical farm that closely match that of brown-nosing. I write closely because I don’t like all of the connotations associated with the phrase. I don’t know if you should list your ability to compliment and fawn as a transferable skill on a resume nor do I believe it would be a desired trait, however flattery is powerful. We've all used flattery for some sort of personal gain. Imagine the dynamics of your current relationship, sucking up to the love of your life because they hold the power to give you what you want or to make your life hell. Extreme? Yes, but only to make a point that most of you seek ways to gain favor with those who have or hold some form of power. To quote the intricate teachings of the honorable Mr. West “No W{o}{ne}Man should have all that power.” No One, No Woman & No Man should have all that power.

The Point

I believe in improving working relationships with peers and management. In order to get things done and to advance you may have to actively participate in office politics. There is a difference however in brown-nosing and providing positive feedback.

Be Real.

Brown-nosing is not real or authentic, it becomes self-serving an obvious after a point. I am not a member of The Institute for Workplace Studies but I have applied fifty times so that makes me an expert … by default, Science. So listen to me now and believe me later. You can be successful by using the transferable skills you copied from your friends resume. You know; Effective communicator, Strong interpersonal, Ability to build collaborative relationships & Self confidence. The last skill is probably were it gets gray for most. While you live & breathe positivity you don’t want to come across as someone who is too aggressive, on the back hand side you shouldn’t play the Herb by being too afraid of being seen. It is a delicate duality, find balance. The best way to achieve this is to Be Real. We See You. Stroke folk when they do something you genuinely appreciate, or when they create and implement great ideas. Do not stroke them because you believe it will gain you favor.


My motto has been “Pay Me, Don’t Stroke Me” … I believe my performance should speak for itself. I don’t believe my ability to bullshit should be the basis for anything. My work ethic along with real competencies; Fostering teamwork, Managing change {‘cause isht changes every week}, Customer orientation, Forward thinking, Conceptual thinking & Managing performance should be seen, I mean I’m monitored for everything else. What it all confirms for me is that I am not built for indentured servitude. We need our own.

Mr. “Get Out Of My Nose Trying To Be The Booger Man” TramueL