Monday Musings... or What's on My Mind Right Now.

Borrowed theme from author Diane Dorce's blog Miz's Write For Life 

No matter my activity level in these social or real streets there is one constant anytime I return;  singilism, a term coined by expert Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. that refers to the stereotyping and stigmatizing of people who are single. The conversations are one-sided, being single from a male perspective is missing or I follow and know too many single women. 

Just prepped a few pieces of Salmon. I will pan sear and bake them for myself, (Michelle will make Salmon croquets for herself, Geneva & Brian for dinner) I'm in a no fry zone.  I prepared breakfast for the family; bacon & eggs nothing significant, nothing I haven't done a million times. Maestro at my feet, begging for scraps. Brian on the couch playing Xbox. Michelle and Geneva still in bed. For all that I do I never get acknowledge for it. "Thank you mom, breakfast was delicious." Even the dog, after throwing him a few scraps worships Michelle.

Nothing but bad news for a few members of my extended family, close friends and co-workers this past week. Often I pray for others more than I pray for myself. I'm not afraid of bad things happening. I’m afraid of good things not happening.

I've seen a couple of events play out in the media and on twitter, I caution folks not to give into "Positive Image Mentality"; a phrase coined by Nelson George that suggests that the crux [among other things] of Black upward mobility is the concept that we must reject any and all information that highlights the flaws of African-American lifestyles & nuances, whether they are blatant truths or stereotypes.

Women be shopping & talking. 

I've learned that there are things you shouldn't have to apologize for. Things I won't apologize for ... saying no, my introversion [desiring alone time to think, read, pray, sleep or whatever], not feeling well.

I Am.