One Hundred Words. Love.

One Hundred Words. Love.

You never lost faith in me.
At my lowest you saw potential and fought for me to win. We remained friends in spite of my thorns and through my ongoing transformation. We have failed each other and we experienced limitations in our love. 

My love was limited by my inability to set aside self-interest; however, your love didn’t demand perfection. This alone makes it very easy to love, especially one that loves you.

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Wednesday Night Mindmovie

Future Pacing 

A process of mental rehearsal in preparation for some challenging experience; it involves creating a mind movie (that is, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory fantasy) and making the imaginary experience conform to your plan. This creates the sense of having already been through the experience when it occurs and reinforces your confidence in the outcome. 

Tonight, I see myself in The Future. 


I Am