Exposed Vs Sheltered

I always feel like I need to explain the infrequency of my post. It usually has to do with the fact that I take in much from my environment, searching for some hidden truth or meaning. Swinging between irrational and rational thoughts and feelings [my crazy], normally this takes place in my mind but those close to me may witness it from time to time. The monotony of my life doesn’t provide many truth seeking moments and the tedious repetition of work, work, hustle & home leaves me uninspired at times.

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Freedom from Dependency



 Susceptible to physical or emotional injury. Liable to succumb, as to persuasion or temptation.


Not likely to fail or give way; stable. Assured; certain. Free from fear or doubt.


We are all vulnerable, We all must also be secure. A note for you & you, you(s) know who you are.


Photo Credit: "Rule of Thirds" © chris linscott