Starting Weight: 322

Current Weight: 238

Target Weight: 225

One of my fitness applications asks “What is your motivation?” Outside of the obvious; looking good naked, health and vitality, I would say quality of life.

One of my goals for two thousand fourteen (Better Thinking) has been getting everyone onboard with living healthier. Eating went from zero to a hundred real quick, getting everyone to move (physically) has been less than. Excuses hold others back; time and energy man, time and energy.

I have full-time, part-time and side-time hustles, however I've dedicated myself to making time to Run. Lift. Crunch. everyday. Don't get bogged down in work, school and responsibilities. I have more energy, more focus and better quality of life because of not in-spite of 

“When we do more, we can do more.”


Three Hundred Twenty Two

Three Hundred Twenty Two


Less than one year ago I tipped the scale well above the title of this post. It is inspiring watching my body change. I Am 15 lbs shy of my (personal) target of two hundred twenty five. 

Pragmatic discussions with family, friends and co-workers provided the thought to write this post. While weight was not one of our conversation topics it did share a common denominator. 

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