Tuesday Afternoon Sensory Inputs

Gyoza; Japanese style dumplings stuffed with chicken + pork, served steamed. Room 112 where the players dwell.

I taste them.

Crisp, clean and fresh; lemon, lime, verbena, jasmine & leather. Gendarme Cologne.

I smell me.

AirPods in to drown out the noise; staring at three 24 inch monitors while typing into this word document, everything else is still. Work, slight.

I hear the silence.

Eyes wide open, lucid dreaming; 45 – Watch the world burn. I’ll take a little less worse and

settle for enjoying cleansing rain.

Eye see you.

Today is warmer than yesterday, by a whole 20 degrees but I’m more concerned about the cold inside. I feel it.

You feel me?


The words, lately, are more reactive...