If your life circumstances suddenly changed and money was no longer a concern, how would you spend your time? What new challenges and projects would you ta  ke on? Can any of these become part of your current life or future goals?

Listening to the voice that calls you. 

On many days I feel like I Am the model of workaholism. Full-Time, Part-Time and Side-Time jobs stay on repeat Monday through Friday. I Am restless most nights and weekends with thoughts of the day’s activity, thoughts of things being better. My restlessness involves more than time-management, there is also desire; desire for an intimate relationship with God, desire for a great life for my kids, desire for better health, desire for more knowledge.

“Work is an inescapable reality” and it occupies a significant portion of our day; it is how we feed our families and pay our bills. Its significance however is more; it is a reflection of who we are. The struggle, tugging and uneasiness most of us feel with respect to the work we do is not because we view it at as a necessary evil but because we value whether or not the work we do is a part of God’s plan for us.

Many believe that happiness comes after the work is done, that happiness comes with the acquisition of wealth. Most of us if given the opportunity would find that the acquisition of wealth is only a change, not an end of the unhappiness we are experiencing. God wants us to be great, that greatness is derived from the work we do.

With money no longer a concern I would continue the work needed to create balance and harmony; spirituality, mentally, emotionally and physically. Imagine how powerful it would be doing the work God calls you to do, work that engages your heart, mind and body. Truth is we can add a project or vocation that provides us with purpose, meaning and connection with God right now and we can do it with the current balance in our bank accounts.

Listen to the voice that calls you, believe it, trust it, and act on it.

I Am