Workforce Reduction

August Twenty Two Two Thousand Fourteen


The last day for four-hundred plus living souls from Bank of America's default mortgage servicing group. A group I was a part of less than five months ago. A group I was a part of due to a previous "workforce reduction" in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities. As I communicated with a few strong connections on their well being, it could only be described as a delicate duality; I Am blessed to have preempted the job loss and sad that so many others are now faced with the debilitating time connected with it. 


Random Observation(s)


That group never valued the diversity, experiences and knowledge of its employees. There were living souls with masters, others working on PHDs, and many others with a wealth of experience. I have my own theory on what went wrong and it has more to do with the banks attempt to pacify a problem rather than fix it. Collectively the knowledge within the group, their experiences could have easily streamlined so many processes with the ultimate goal of its own duality; help struggling homeowners and impact the bottom line.

Appears there was only one agenda. 

Having written the above, a second observation is that no matter what your social, economic or educational background is you're still your skin color. Which is why I hate any defense involved with "dressing" ourselves up to win others over. Others see you the way that they do (a lot of it is born in racial considerations, and racism), however bending ourselves into socially approved pretzels, as social contortionists, believing our behavior will win people over is ludicrous, divisive, and casts us as the culprits in the racial divide. 

Don't play into this "Positive Image Mentality," a phrase coined by Nelson George.

Exploring the Benefits of Job Loss


For many of us when we lose our jobs we become disoriented in who we are. Our identities are often strongly tied to our work... take that away and we feel inadequate in many ways. 

I doubt anyone will see losing a job as an opportunity for transformation. It was however a traumatic realization that a few things in my life were tangled. Perhaps I tried to do all of these; eating right, exercising, living a clean life. Focusing on what I did and what I thought but detached from my internal life. I didn't understand what it meant to pay attention to my soul. Focused on doing what I believed was right (or things I should be doing) I was blocked from seeing what was wrong. Unaware of those blind spots, the job loss did for me what I could not do for myself.


Walk in light.