I often sigh with relief,

When from these dreams I awake,

Blood spatter, brain matter,

Gurgling sounds the dying make,

Convulsing with gibberish,

Clawing at air,

Darting pupils lose focus,

Glaze over to stare,

If they went down fighting,

Look under their nails,

Or see if they drew blood,

Telling dead men's tales,

I have dreams of torture,

Rounds fired through joints,

Semi-automatic muzzle flashes,

Ligaments exploded by hollowpoints,

The brain wants to live,

The body wants to die,

As if appealing to reason,

I keep hearing "WHY?!?"

Convinced we are strong,

Our bodies are weak,

Vertabrae snap with a twist,

Blades easily spring leaks,

Suicide is just selfish,

Welcome to my hell,

Ive watched your so-called lives,

From the abyss in which I dwell,

Even the strongest don't survive,

When cutoff from breath,

Life's one guarantee,

Is randomness of death.

This was written by Edward Fuller *Always Deep* ... WFHS Standup!