Forever Young, A. Price


Just Like You & I

As a child I oftentimes wanted to live inside my dreams. Most were peaceful and unruffled. I was able to blossom as the crocus in the winter snow. However my dreams were soon awakened by reality at the age of 6 with the death of my father and two uncles. In the blink of an eye the three of them were taken away, leaving me to begin experiencing the harshness of life at an early age. 

Many take for granted what others may not have during their childhood, such as having both parents, fine clothes, cars and a roof over your head. These are life experiences that not everyone has.  I met a young man recently during the course of daily business. My first view of this young man was as he walked by my office window in a winter coat with a back pack slung over his shoulder. It was 88 degrees out and a touch humid. In speaking with this young man I found him to be well spoken, genuine, very polite and overall the guy you would want your daughter to bring home to meet the family. He wore blue jeans, a black golf shirt, black shoes and dog tags around his neck. Upon viewing his coat up close I noticed it was quite filthy; however this young man was very clean. Perfect teeth, clean nails and coal black curly hair. You may wonder why I am so descript. It’s only to emphasize a point. 

This young man was seeking a legitimate way of obtaining $1000 for a security deposit on a place to stay, a deposit which he needed within 24 hours or he would lose this opportunity. I looked this child squarely in the eyes seeking answers. My answers were found without him uttering a word. I provided him with answers he needed and he thanked me repeatedly. He stood shook my hand and thanked me again. He left my office. I was unable to allow this young man who could very well be a child of mine leave without the unspoken being confirmed. I caught up to him outside of the building to find him pacing. I glanced to the right of the building and noticed a duffle bag with additional shoes attached to it which looked to be the size that this child wore. I turned to him and asked “Where are you staying?” He replied “I am waiting on a space at Three Oaks.” I could feel my heart racing. Three Oaks is a local shelter. I asked again, “Where are you staying?” His reply “I have no place right now. I have been sleeping on the sidewalk at Walmart, where no one can see me.” My eyes welled up and my heart began to ache. This young man is someone’s child. He wakes up early every morning to find someplace to bathe and work two jobs just like you and I but he’s HOMELESS. He blends in just like anyone else in the public. Again he’s just like you and I, but he’s HOMELESS. 

It saddens me to find anyone in this situation, but it’s quite heartbreaking to find our youth combing the streets at night seeking shelter and food. I wasn’t able to provide this young man with enough for his security deposit so I provided him with transportation, guidance, a point of contact with social services, prayers, food and the biggest hug I could muster. 

In writing this I didn’t know where to start nor end. In reality the beginning came easy however these are our babies and this cycle is never ending.

A. Price

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