Ideas. Thoughts. Experiences.

Write your ideas, thoughts and experiences down. 

Geneva’s birthday is today, all she asked from me was a letter. I bought her a journal and added the following inscription …

The things you need to know about living can be learned from a genuine and unbroken attempt to write.

My life, by extension of writing; love letters, random observations, lies, stories, blog post and research papers has been enriched by attempting to capture the elements of a situation and combining bits and pieces with the big picture. 

I encourage you to jot down your experiences; the taste of food, how dancing and singing make you feel, what good music means to you, your thoughts in the moment you’re behind the wheel of a car all by yourself.

Becoming mindful of your thoughts, will make you alert to new perspectives.

Your life, by extension of writing, will define, shape and help you articulate your world view more effectively.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Big Brian


I’ll save the letter for her high-school graduation. 

She also asked for a Tragus Piercing, these kids today. 

Geneva's well wish during wedding

Geneva's well wish during wedding

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