Life & Music. Nostalgia, Ultra


Music is my drug of choice. I’ve been getting high with Christopher Breaux lately; personal reflection, love, transformation, social commentary and nostalgia.

Life set to Nostalgia Ultra, Frank Ocean


I’ve been in Charlotte for a little more than twelve years, without a connection to the city I would know of the life and work of Julius L. Chambers. On August 2, 2013 we lost a streetfighter for justice. Rest.

Strawberry Swing

Nothing blesses a man more than when a woman is involved in his recreation. Love, food & exercise … I’ma lace my sneakers to this one.    

We All Try 

Those of you who follow me on the twitter know what a BIG fan of The Good Men Project I Am. Time to change the conversation about manhood and masculinity. No more talk about becoming a good man, become one.  

Bitches Talkin

She/He processes words, ideas, needs and problems but all against you. Don’t let them front you to saying you can’t move. Those bitches just talking.

Songs 4 Women  

We deceive and then we deceive about the fact that we deceive. I’ve called bullshit on my past, I believed being honest about my intentions with women was not the same as lying.   


There is a lot of talk in these social streets but ain’t nobody saying nothing. Dating, singlism, relationships; the greatest crime against love is to not change the current conversation.

There Will Be Tears

We remember best the things that arouse us the most. A bunch of words beginning with L for most of us; life, love, loss, lust, loneliness …

Swim Good

To love means to cherish, to care for and to show affection. “I'mma try to swim from something bigger than me.”

Not the complete track list but we tired.

I Am