Needs Vs. Wants

Repost. Originally written for and appeared on Much2Inspired

Need, A lack of something requisite, desirable, or useful.

Want, A strong desire for.

I Am approaching another milestone in age this week & I struggled with what I wanted for myself. I drove friends crazy with talk of another tattoo, a MacBook Pro, a weekend getaway… until someone stopped the madness, told me that I was indecisive & asked 

“What is it that you need?”

Both needs and wants are synonymous with desire.

When I think of needs I think of basic necessities; shelter, food, health care, clothing and transportation. When I think of wants I think of ‘things’ or activities that increase our quality of life. We are advised to wait 30 days before purchasing an item; somehow we’ll likely realize how little we really desired it. Often we hear the opposite, being advised to live life to the fullest; that we work hard and that we should play harder.

Some desires can straddle the line, find balance.

Sometimes wants are as important as needs.

My current needs and wants 


  • Connection
  • Well Being
  • Peace
  • Autonomy
  • Play
  • Meaning


  • Intimate Relationship
  • Good Health
  • Equality
  • Spontaneity
  • Joy
  • Celebration of life

What needs, wants do you desire?