Forever Young, J. Devereaux

Forever Young, J. Devereaux

My fondest memories are growing up on a street called Hull.  It was the first time my life that I felt I had stability.  We lived in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home with a semi-furnished basement.  My Grandmother, who lived with us, had the main bedroom; I was fortunate to have my own bedroom, and my mother lived in the basement.

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He Said, She Said ...

When you have been wounded it does not give you permission to hurt others. To be healed, you must name the hurt, aim the hurt sharing in a safe environment, and then tame it by embracing forgiveness.
— K. Jones

A Real Man is a Man Who's Real



A real man is a man who's real. He's not trying to cover up his mistakes or pretend he's better or worse than he is. He wants to discover his created purpose in life and get to the root of what's keeping him from it.

Ask for forgiveness, move on, let go & let God.



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