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Live It Up

Aging, that is a terrifying word to many people, I never considered myself one of those people. I’ve always looked forward to aging, but that changed when I past 25. I remember a weekend of watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I was left feeling extremely sad and paranoid. It didn’t help that immediately after that viewing I decided to watch for the first time Driving Miss Daisy, what a weekend!

I thought what’s the point of living if all you do is become shriveled up and delusional in the end? My mind completely blocked out all the good things, the adventures, the marriages, the births, the joy, laughter, love affairs, loving, all the living the characters did in those movies. I had to check myself before I wrecked myself, I allowed myself to remember that there’s so much in-between birth and death. So much living to be done and I got back to the place I was before turning 25. People like your mother, Ms. Nona, and her thoughts and feelings towards aging is a big comfort to me. I no longer have a fear of what’s going to happen to me. Spoiler die, but there’s a lot of living in-between, so here's to you with lots of e-doration B. Tram!

“Oh live it up

We can go crazy

Live it up

You and me baby

Live it up, live it up, live it up”

-J. Legend “Live It Up”

Forty One Years To Life ... A. Waters

My life

I, like many others my age, am trying to apply the breaks as I skid into turning 40 in less than 6 months. Why am I so afraid to reach that milestone? In this day and age it should be an accomplishment, a luxury, a badge of honor yet I treat it like a tooth ache, the plague, a death sentence,  like I'm doomed. Why you ask? Because when I was younger- 40 meant you were married ( happily, optional), loving family, a promising career, financially set, and had all the stability you could stand. I have missed the mark in ALL those categories. Yet I get up each morning, by the grace of God and I try life again, most days willingly and other days forced.  I have always been a late bloomer and i am just now realizing what it means to say that this life of mine is not a dress rehearsal. It's not promised.  It's not even conditionally guaranteed.  And everything you have can be stripped from you in the blink of an eye. So my new stance on life is this: LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, and make yourself happy, regardless of your age. Man up or put on your big girl panties (whichever applies) and live with NO more regrets. 40 is my new 30.

Dear Yvette

Dear Yvette