Money-Vault-128Paper-Money-128 It would be unbelievable for someone, anyone to tell me that they’ve never heard  “The Approach” … “Hey, do you have any spare change?” usually followed up with a long story about how or why they are requesting a hand out.

Just show me the baby, I don’t need the labor pains

Labor Pains

I work in uptown Charlotte, live in East Charlotte and  I’ve been exposed to every part of this city through one medium or another; bars & night clubs, restaurants, hotels, shopping, volunteering, entertainment & events. “No matter how hard you try you can’t stop us now” should be the motto ‘cause it doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re from, it’s truly where you’re at … no one is prone from “The approach”

::True story::

Over the course of a few days, time spent conversating conversing with “she” after work I happened to be in different parts of the city where “she” witnessed first hand the approach …

Uptown leaving work while talking to “she”

Dude - “Say brother, I’m starving, can you help me out so I can get something to eat?”

Mr.TramueL – “I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash.”

Dude – “What about that water?”

Mr.TramueL – Blank Stare. Blink. Blink. “You want my water? You’re welcome to have it, but I’ve opened it.”

Dude – Takes water.

Rivergate {South Charlotte} talking to “she” in line at a drive thru. Keep in mind it’s around 12:30 a.m., windows down, dude approaching. Mr.TramueL is a lover not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so don’t get any ideas.

Dude – “Yo, I’m trying to catch a bus do you have any extra change?”

Mr.TramueL – Grabs change out of ashtray.

“She” – “Is the city full of homeless people?! Lol! You’re like a bum magnet.”

Mr.TramueL -  “This is all I have, you’re welcome to have it.”

Dude – Counts change. “You don’t have another {Insert whateva’ amount he was short} ?” “It cost {Insert whateva’ amount it cost for CATS}”

Mr.TramueL – Blank Stare. Blink. Blink.

::Side Note::

It’s amazing how much a part of my spirit “she” is. There is not one day that passes without a thought or a reminder of her. That’s all I’ll say about that. The End.

The Baby

I often joke about how I should respond to folk on the street requesting a handout … “Man, I was bout to ask you for a few dollars … I’m trying to pay my child support.” In the five plus years I’ve told that story, not once have I ever done it. I usually without thought reach into my pocket and whatever spare change I have, I give graciously to the requestor. Well, that is until yesterday when I thought let’s have a little fun, dude was hype & I wanted to match his intensity. Judge me.

Dude – “Hey! Which one of these stores you going into?

Mr.TramueL – “What’s up dude! ‘bout to grab a sandwich from Subway.”

Dude – “I’m out here on these streets, been out here for ‘bout five years man, I was in the {insert long ass story about love, job loss, glory years & pain}

Mr.TramueL – About ten minutes later “Dude? show me the baby, I’ont need the labor pains.”

Dude – “Huh?”

Mr.TramueL – Blank Stare. Blink. Blink.

Dude – “Whatever you got to help a brotha’ out would be appreciated.”

Mr.TramueL – While reaching into my pocket to grab the two singles I have … “Man, I was just about to ask you the same!, It’s the end of the month & folk want child support, rent is due & gas prices are ridiculous.” “One hand in the air if you’ont really care”

Dude – Blank Stare. Smirk. Frown.

This exchange was over heard by someone going into Subway & when I get inside another exchange ensues. I’m going to sum it up for you though …  It was thought that I was encouraging dude by giving him the money. It was thought that he would drink his food. Followed by a bunch of scriptures & their interpretation of said scriptures.

:: Blank Stare. Blink. Blink ::

“My old nature vs Experiencing God” = “Arrogant vs Thankful of ALL of His Gifts in Me”

The moral of the story folks …

Live truth instead of professing it, GOD sends no one away except those who are full of themselves.

Harm None,

Mr. ”Spare Change” TramueL