Thawing Ice

I returned to work on the third day of February after a brief leave of absence. Without system access I partnered with co-workers, I believed it was a good idea to exchange ideas on streamlining individual processes and/ or working more efficiently. 

The corporate culture is problematic for me in that we are expected to participate in team building exercises as if we are a family but competitiveness in this "pay for performance" environment is anything but. Also, I dislike my input not being valued [regardless of my contributions to the team] simply because I do not seek validation for something I'm paid to do.

Pay me, don't stroke me.  

There were one or two who were receptive to my feedback, however being in someone's personal space often leads to personal discussions. 


People have a need to feel insightful, even when they do not possess insight on a particular subject. 


of Vocation

Part of problem with the faux family dynamic at work is that folks have no clue about what I studied in school, my past work experience and what I have or have not done as far as exploring new opportunities. Yet, that does not stop the unsolicited bad advice that is often vapid without any sense of true thought.


of Wellness

I've dropped a few pounds and it typically sparks a conversation about how. That discussion often turns into what others are doing and what I should be doing differently.  People who want to share their views with you almost never want you to share yours with them. 


of Relationships 

Non-romantic relationships. When I think back to growing up in the star city of the south, from kindergarten through high school, I’ve always kept small circles and maintained friendships for long periods of time. Like all, I’ve lost friendships but have some (friendships) that have lasted a very long time. Advising me to be more sociable [translation: participate in office politics] is not authentic. 

These one on one interactions taught me social discernment like nothing else. Selectivity, only engaging in authentic relationships.


I remain