Wednesday Musings & What's On My Mind Right Now

Meminerunt omnia amantes.
— Ovid

There is a mountain of dirt and a six-foot drop at the construction site for our new home. It very much reminded me of a memory from my childhood – Due to heavy flooding from years past, new storm drains were installed in our neighbor ‘hood. The front and side of our home was the staging area, with one big gaping hole and mounds of dirt that I used as my personal playground to fight Star Wars. I would spend hours outside alone with my action figures and vehicles.

Extroversion belied.

Maestro’s birthday is January 28, however, Michelle got him on Easter Sunday while Geneva and Brian participated in an Easter egg hunt after church. Every year around Easter Michelle recounts her story of leaving the kids, driving to the breeder to view the puppies for the third time. Let her tell it, she picked Maestro up and placed him against her chest as he placed his head close to her heart. The breeder (read: salesperson) exclaims “How amazing! There is an instant connection if I’ve ever seen one.” Also added without taking a breath, “Two ladies were looking at that one a few hours ago. They seem very interested in him.” Three Hundred Fitty’ Dollars later...

Skip, beat, star.

I’d like to explain how you make me acquiesce, put the rise of my chest at sudden ease.

Translation of the Latin above,

Love remembers all.