Work Ethic

True story; my life began to change the moment I grew a beard and started taking better care of myself. 

Mute your dissent

Also true, life became much easier when I began to place less value on material things and truly live within my means. At the time of this observation it wasn't a choice, rather something forced upon me. Workforce Reduction, translation = laid off. 

Long story short; when the bank reduced its workforce I was making a pretty decent salary. Levels to this, a level to which I have not been able to return.

Yet, every day I'm hustling.

Rick Ross Grunt.

We live in a different day: economically, globally, politically and socially. We have grown up in a world where most folks become obsessed with making the largest amount of money with the least amount of effort. Previously, I've written that I worked hard because I was afraid others would see me as a failure. That was then, my point of view now has become the more I work at anything, the better I become. The better I become, the better I feel about myself and the work that I've done.


Work is not to enable me to get ahead; the purpose of work is to enable me to get more human and to make the world more just.
— Joan Chittister

I had my annual performance review this week, work is the single exercise in gift-giving that comes back to the giver. 

Levels to this, we made it. 

Obey, Love, Serve, Excel, Plan, Invest. 

I Am