Attack VS Defend

Master-Yoda-256 Attack

: a belligerent or antagonistic action


: to maintain or support in the face of argument or hostile criticism

: to take action against attack or challenge

“Why?” “What?” “I think …”

Whether you asked or were asked a question starting with one of these word(s) or statement it will undoubtedly spark a thought & as folk process it, it will lead to them defending their behavior | position.

Law of Human Nature: We hate to be wrong. We will defend ourselves, family & friends even when we know they Debo’d that cookie. The reason(s) why? … man I’ont know. Maybe a need for self-approval? I’ve learned that a compulsive need for self-approval can make a person defensive, self-centered, and stubborn. Maybe to save someone from pain? I’ve learned to be responsible for my own negativity. Translation … avoid absorbing others opposition, stay connected to a sense value in yourself.

I guess we have to understand that when we ask “why”, we are going to get “reasons.” Not the truth, not a lie either but because we feel attacked and because we read on page 506 of the Nothing Is Easier Than Fooling Ourselves Handbook where it clearly states avoid saying “I’ont know” or “I can’t really explain”  … we answer quickly, building a foundation to construct that reason && we won’t stop, can’t stop. #BadBoyBaby #TakeThatTakeThat

Mr.TramueL’s Corollary: When we we yield our mighty axe & axe ask someone “why”, we are going to get reason(s) not an effective answer. I have none & therefore offer no solutions, I'm just an observationalist. Hopefully, you the reader can offer some advice.

:: Side Note :: Some of you are vain & will probably think this post is about you, won’t you? You’re right … Communications with September, B’Q, Dwayne & a random lady in line at Costco sparked a thought, a thought sparked a thought process, a process sparked a theory … It’s amazing how we can be separated by age, distance, education, socio & economic backgrounds but have the same thoughts & warring ideals.


Mr. “A theory is always better than its explanation” TramueL

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