He Wrote, She Wrote ... "It's a city of hustlers, legal and illegal"

This is My Life in Eight Blocks ... the people and the places I love. This is where I had my first kiss and felt my first heartbreak. This is where I took my first sip of beer and got into my first fistfight. This is where I learned to breakdance and where I drove my first car. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago: Eighty-eighth street and Dochester Avenue, Eighty-sixth and Blackstone, Eighty-ninth and Bennett, Eighty-seventh and Stoney Isle in a black middle-class neighborhood rubbing up against poverty. You had hardworking families with plenty of kids, but then you had gangbangers, too. That's just the culture in Chicago, I guess. It's a city of hustlers, legal and illegal.

Common - One Day It'll All Make Sense