Forever Young, [Quotes] Unhealthy Relationships & Immaturity

Of Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationships are driven by the soul. Issues that have not been resolved. They will abort your destiny. Healthy relationships are led by the Spirit of God and will advance you.
— T. Brown

Of Immaturity

Immaturity is an enemy that will cause you to abort the seasons and timing of God. Following your soul will rob you of greatness. Healthy relationships prepare you for your next dimension.
— T. Brown

Where's Your Dad?

Ethan Tremblay: Where's your dad? Peter Highman: Uh... no idea.

Ethan Tremblay: When's the last time you saw him?

Peter Highman: 1977. He had his bags packed at the door and he picked them up and put in the back of his car. And, uh, drove away. Last time I ever saw him.

Ethan Tremblay: [begins laughing hysterically]

Ethan Tremblay: That's so funny! My dad would never do that, he loved me!


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He Said, She Said ... Experts on Life


"How did people with $$ become the experts on how to live or enjoy life? Why are you listening so intently on what they say? The ppl in Hollywood are miserable...without the spotlight/money/make-up...what do they have? If you want advice on contentment, relationships, or'd better dust off that Bible..."

M. Harrell

He Said, She Said ... Call Me A Liar


“accept who you really are, your esteem shouldn’t be a mystiquerepeating the same tired letdowns to whom you care not reach

returning it in a spirit of mutual honesty not an option but a must”

“call me a liar for generously spreading the basis of trust”

The CG Chronicles – @MelzieC

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He Wrote, She Wrote ... Positivity

"All of us have dirt under our fingernails from time to time. The dirt, along with your great acts, is what makes you a beautiful human being. There’s not one person on this earth who’s all positive." Common - One Day It'll All make Sense


He Wrote, She Wrote ... "It's a city of hustlers, legal and illegal"

This is My Life in Eight Blocks ... the people and the places I love. This is where I had my first kiss and felt my first heartbreak. This is where I took my first sip of beer and got into my first fistfight. This is where I learned to breakdance and where I drove my first car. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago: Eighty-eighth street and Dochester Avenue, Eighty-sixth and Blackstone, Eighty-ninth and Bennett, Eighty-seventh and Stoney Isle in a black middle-class neighborhood rubbing up against poverty. You had hardworking families with plenty of kids, but then you had gangbangers, too. That's just the culture in Chicago, I guess. It's a city of hustlers, legal and illegal.

Common - One Day It'll All Make Sense

He Wrote, She Wrote ... Truth(s)

"Who knows the truth of the story? My truth is this: I inherited love and trouble, joy and fear. I experienced all of these things before I could even put them into words." Common,

One Day It'll All Make Sense

He Wrote, She Wrote ... The Human Brain

"For me there are few things more beautiful in the universe than the human brain. Unlike any other organ in the body, our brain is the essence of what makes us human, our memories, our thoughts, our personalities - one hundred billion nerve cells, working in absolute harmony to allow us to see, to smell, to move, to understand, and to create." Keith Black, MD

Brain Surgeon

He Wrote She Wrote ... Shame

"It seems to me that nothing is more painful than a sense of shame that overwhelms you and afflicts the soul. This pain may not even be your fault, but it can still be very acute. It hurts more when you know that there is no natural process, as in the body, whereby the pain will go away. You have to relieve it with your own strength of will, your own discipline, and determination. I had been hurt many times in fights, but nothing equaled the pain I felt at not being able to read. The pain from fighting went away in time. The shame I felt would not go away." Huey P. Newton - Revolutionary Suicide

He Wrote, She Wrote ... Revolutionary Suicide

Revolutionary suicide does not mean that I and my comrades have a death wish; it means just the opposite. We have such a strong desire to live with hope and human dignity that existence without them is impossible. When reactionary forces crush us, we must move against these forces, even at the risk of death. We will have to be driven out with a stick. ~ Huey P.Newton