All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes ...

No. The most anointed word ever created.

Although somewhat undemonstrative, I Am generally loyal and responsible to those I care about. This makes it hard for me to say no. I use Sunday to reflect on any reading, conversations, textersations and observations that I’ve had from the previous week. I will apply what I’ve learned and refocus in preparation of the new week. We will call last week “The Week of Clarity” … I learned to Focus on the No to become clear on the Yes. Eternal student. I Am looking for balance and harmony; spirituality, mentally, emotionally and physically.

No to social media. Yes to real friendships.

I gave my number to a follower on Twitter and proudly proclaimed the following …

“I’m not a phone person, other than phone calls with my mother, sisters, kids, the TramueL formerly known as  & one or two close friends. My phone doesn’t ring.”

“You gave me your number not to talk to me?”

Thanks for that moment of clarity. I’ve been able to touch, look into the eyes, break bread and laugh really hard with a few folks that I’ve met on these social streets, you can’t get that type of connection counting followers. Friends list is not equal to friends.

No to invalid Truths. Yes to honesty.

Honesty can be brutal, but it is the best policy. Part of the problem I have with saying No is that it feels good to be needed. Request for your time, money, resources and attention aren’t always about you. Sometimes self presentational concerns and saving face will cause anyone to deceive and then deceive about the fact that they deceive.

No to wishing. Yes to praying.

With prayer I know I’ll get an answer.

No to excuses. Yes to service.

My mother approaches service in the church like she does with the service she's provided her employer for [insert a large number of years]. Work is an inescapable reality. When we are attentive to work and God, both are greatly enhanced.

No to indentured servitude. Yes to opportunity.

My grind consists of a full-time, a part-time and a side hustle. No one cares or will remember if you work six hours or sixty hours but they will remember the service you’ve provided.  I’m tired of “the field” & cubicle nation. I hustle for opportunity instead of security.

The [sudden & unexpected] End.

I Am …