Emotional Polemics

Emotional Polemics

Venus Vs. Mars

“You’ll Never Find Another Woman Like Me

I’ve Said it … BlaQ Daisy




I’ve said it & I most definitely meant it. In the world of love, lust, and completely irrational behavior, they call me an O.G. The original gangsta in this thing called love. That also makes me “alone”, but that has nothing to do with the price of whale oil in China. Did I say it to the guy that I just left? No, of course not. Did I say it to the guy that left me? Nope, not to him either. I said “He’ll Never Find Another Woman Like Me” to my girls when said ex-boyfriend was brought up in conversation. They admittedly agree with the assertion, because that’s what friends do in situations like these. Then I start listing shit, like it was a previous employer screwing me over in severance pay...

“I remember that time he had the flu. I took care of him at MY house until he felt better.”

“Oh, yeah... I remember that time he needed an idea for that project he was working on... I (loudly) was the one who came up with that idea!”

“Oh, and when I went to Africa... I brought HIS mother back all that crap...”

“He’ll NEVER Find Another Woman Like Me.”

I have friends who will bring up the ex in conversation, only to punctuate the thought with similar statements of his obvious loss.

“I know he is somewhere unhappy right now...”

“I bet ol’ girl is ugly...”

Benefit of the doubt doesn’t apply when it comes to the appeasing of lingering feelings. What I’ve realized is that my friends had emotions tied into previous relationships, just as I had emotions. Closure is finding the ending. And that ending can sound like Adele’s Someone Like You or it sounds like Never Someone Like Me.

That O.G. status means that there have been some major casualties in the path of hurricane Daisy. They fall like dominoes sometimes. Do they ever find someone like me? Probably not. But one hurricane in a lifetime is usually all the heart can handle.

“You’ll Never Find Another Woman Like Me

I’ve Heard it … Mr. TramueL




Never finding another you? Umm, that’s the point.

Women fall hard. and fast. with me so I Am never surprised when I hear this line at the end, hell sometimes at the beginning  and in the middle of my relationships. I’m not keeping score but Brian one, Folks who wanted to be TramueL zero.

I know that reads bold but so is that statement.

I’ll never dispute any of the many wonderful qualities that make you absolutely unique; your nurturing instinct is a powerful resource for help and encouragement. But we need to talk, It’s truly not you, It’s Me … Mr.TramueL. Love ask few questions and gives even fewer answers. Previously I wrote that women are at times in love with the idea of love vs. in love with Brian. I understand that, perhaps at the time you didn’t.

Lights … understanding isn’t always possible.

Camera … my life is a movie & I’m the director.

Action … make the movies you want.

The Reprise, BlaQ Daisy

“You’ll Never Find Another Woman Like Me”

The line is true, at least according to me. Comparisons to the next because of how great the ex/sex was and still quite possibly would be. There’s nothing I don’t know about you. I know you like it there, and you know I love it when you... The point is not whether we would have become Michelle & Barack. The point is that you’ll remember me at the slightest moment’s notice. You’ll wonder if my skin still feels as soft and you’ll hear my voice... That’s the point. You’ll remember me because there’s not another Daisy.

*Drops mic*

The Reprise, Mr.TramueL

“You’ll Never Find Another Woman Like Me”

*Leaves mic on the stage, speaks from my thoracic diaphragm*

I agree, I do remember you … a smell, a taste, a sound or a familiar sight. I close my eyes and it all comes back to me. I have no doubt that you remember me too. I was your first for many things. Many. Things. Who taught you how to hang from the chandelier and while spinning you … never mind, but who? Brian did & Brian taught you well. My thought is slight because I remember only the essence, an abstract idea and I need to be reminded again and again through sense memory. You however remember all of the time, I’m concretely implanted in your mind because you as a woman remember the details, comparing me to him. “Brian would never wear starched jeans with wingtip shoes with the tassel on em’.”

You feel that shit, I step over it.

*Pours accelerant on the stage. Throws match over left shoulder as I walk off. Stage erupts in flames.*