Compliment Vs. Flattery


Statement of praise. Something said to express praise or approval.


Paying of compliments to win favor. An act or instance of complimenting somebody, often excessively or insincerely, especially in order to gain an advantage.

Flattery is inclusive of the word compliment in its definition, however I do not believe it is the same nor should it be used synonymously.

Meez II

“I like your hairstyle; it’s very becoming on you.”


“Thank you very much.”


I wasn’t expecting or wanting more than what she offered from our exchange, a sincere thank you. It’s normal for me to stick & move that way, however I’m positive women get offered penis every day. Having to decipher statements of flattery from genuine compliments is an exercise in futility. Knowing when to bob & use her weave is essential in these social & real streets.

Not so random observations from tweetversations, conversations, and textersations over the past few days lead me to believe that most folks feel there is some form of quid pro quo when it comes to compliments. The expectation of a return compliment, time, attention or some oww wee.

Flattery is used to gain entrance into our personal space, we are not obligated to accept it. A sincere compliment is admiring the beauty, the spirit … anything any.thing. of another person with honesty and humility.

I Am

P.S. All of you look really nice today

Compliment Vs Flattery

I Am