Everything, Every.Thing.

Everyone likes to list guilty pleasures, as if doing something you enjoy is wrong. Don’t follow trends, set them.

Non-Guilty Pleasures

  • Not leaving the house all weekend long, doing absolutely nothing immersed in complete solitude & silence.
  • Having a great conversation via DM, Email, Text, Chat or phone.
  • Dreaming, fantasizing about the sound of her voice, the small of her back, the taste of her lips, the color of her toenail polish …
  • Walking. Following a path or making my own, immortalizing the trip in photographs.
  • The intimations of Fall.
  • Gendarme Eau de Cologne, my signature scent since 96’ “Containing lemon & lime, bergamot, lavender & just a hint of jasmine & lilac, there is nothing on the market like it.” Their words, not mine but they are so correct.
  • NOT liking what others like just because they like it. I appreciate that I have different taste.
  • Reading a good book. Paperback, electronically or listening to books on CD.
  • Preparing TramueL™ signature meals. Experimenting, to feed my curiosity & to feel savvy.
  • My dark red bed sheets. Red is a very emotionally intense color. Associated with energy, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. I Am all of that. Don’t make me make you …
  • Watching my kids learn, grow and develop. It is scary that they have inherited so much of my features and personality. Is it narcissistic to admire myself in them? Don’t answer, I’m going to stare at my baby pictures until the answer comes to me.
  • Art; from esthetically pleasing visuals to the notes, rhythms, textures and phrases of music.
  • Technology. Going all the way through the order process on the Apple site for a Macbook Pro & canceling after I see the total purchase price. I’m a renigga.
  • Laughing out loud. Making someone laugh. Laughing at myself.

I could go on but I won’t … What are some of your non-guilty pleasures?

I Am