Sorry Two Thousand Eleven


I’ve apologized for a few things this week & I’ve had folks issue me an apology, after extolling that their apology was unnecessary I’ve concluded that there are some things that we don’t have to apologize for. ♬ Girl this is my sorry for, 2004 2011.

And I aint gonna mess up no more, this year.

I'm 'a take this one chance,

and make it real clear.

I'm sorry for May

and I'm sorry for June (for real)

and I'm sorry for July (I Am)

in case I don't tell you.

August, September, October, November 'till your December.

I'm Sorry

I’m Not Sorry For…

Not feeling well. No one can operate at a high-energy level all day, er’ day. You don’t have to apologize for being human.

Being sad. Emotions & feelings as a teacher; sometimes being in the mental space of sadness allows us to reflect, drop to our knees in order to build up our strength.

Not wanting your thoughts or ideas devalued. Others may not share your passion for technology, photography, reading, women’s tosies & feet or [insert your passion] but your enthusiasm should not be minimized because of it.

Being in a relationship or not being in one. Nothing to add, speaks for itself.

Having and valuing genuine platonic relationships. My best friendships are with women. I Am totally honest and sensitive to my significant other [if & when] but no need to apologize for it.

Desiring an adequate quality of life. Self-employed, cubicle nation, in “the field” or “in the house”; suited up, business casual, or casual Friday’s … many of us leave work drained & uninspired. No apology necessary for desiring more time and energy for the parts of our lives that we love and cherish.

Introversion. I enjoy my time alone, in fact I guard it by tuning out the world at times. Thinking and daydreaming.

Having a degree or not having a degree. It’s not funny that both are viewed [at times] with negative connotations. The most successful people I know Do have degrees; the most successful people I know Don’t have degrees. I Am aware the there is no degree for intelligence.

Saying no. I’m still learning to effectively communicate the n. and the o. so that folk understand and accept it, but that shouldn’t be my problem and I shouldn’t have to apologize for it. Neither should you.

Wanting my space respected. Dame espacio, por favor. Personal, physical and property alike.

I Am.