Words With Friends


& so it has been written, said, heads have been shaken top-to-bottom, front-to-back and side-to-side about my newly found participation in the online game words with friends [apparently I’m late to the party]. I’ve been both uninspired and unmotivated by my own monotony to write lately, however real life words with friends always seem to provide inspiration and motivation for everything. Every.Thing.

New Friends

The newness of things; Where you from? What you do? Who yo’ people? There is always delight in the telling of ourselves and in the learning of others.

Old Friends

The gentle reminder of our youth. How we loved, how we learned and how we grew.

Current Friends

The struggles | life challenges we face may differ but we are on the same journey for spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. Security for our soul.

Five Things I’ve learned Playing Words With Friends, In Real Life

  • Our experiences soften or hardened us to life’s ironic twist and yet we remain those little boys and girls eager to learn from those lessons, continuously shaping our identities.
  • Everything | one is designed by God to fulfill its purpose.
  • Quotes from famous people are nice & may spark a thought but true motivation that also inspires comes from those closest to you, those who love and care about you.
  • There is an innate desire for 'service' in all of us, whether an advocate for health, recovery, financial literacy, empowering others or [insert your passion], there is a voice driving us towards our purpose. Listen for the voice that calls you.
  • Love is an abstract emotion that is hard to quantify or define. [i.e., a motherfucker]

Made me curse, I Am