Life & Music. Purpose

Life & Music. Purpose

🎧 Focus ain’t the same if the picture ain’t got you in it
In every line my
Emotions ain’t the same if it ain’t about you, I don’t get it
Ever since the beginning now
You had that effect on me
All I wanna do is you, oh
I mean that so literally
Don’t nobody go harder than you
All of the angels must be lonely now, without you

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Backseat Driver

Running on empty. It is late night and I am restless. Many of the weeks activities playing back in my mind, thinking about the things I accomplished but also the things I did not. I believed staying up until 2:30 in the AM and waking up at 6:30 was what I needed to maintain my life; taking care of the things I needed for myself early so that I had time to take care of the needs of others.


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Words With Friends

& so it has been written, said, heads have been shaken top-to-bottom, front-to-back and side-to-side about my newly found participation in the online game words with friends [apparently I’m late to the party]. I’ve been both uninspired and unmotivated by my own monotony to write lately, however real life words with friends always seem to provide inspiration and motivation for everything. Every.Thing.

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Forty One Years To Life ... J. Francis

Coming of Age

To get older, to mature, to gain wisdom, to survive….With the passing of time many of these things and more can take place. I know for me they have. Some specific ages came with goals automatically attached to them. At 15 start working. My first job was a ride operator at Playland. At 16 legally drive. My first car was a Hyundai Excel 89’. At 18 I hit the stores to cop Philly blunts for the crew and at 21 I had legally purchased my $21 bottle of Bacardi Limon. It’s fun to think back on but in that jumble of young antics; by the grace of god I avoided other age associations. Incarcerated youth, High School Drop Out, “Baby Daddy”…..all those pitfalls of the American black man I avoided during my 20’s. And believe me I was hella close to a couple of those situations.

Now with age I see purpose, legacy, meaning in movement. What do I stand for? The truest values of life now run through my head as I navigate the current storm of change that is this nation. As time flies by we put more candles on the birthday cake. Perception changes every year, so what are you wishing for before you blow out your candles?

J. Francis

J. Francis

A Touchy Feely Moment & A Lesson

M.Dolphus Avatar

M.Dolphus Avatar

The Touchy, Feely Moment

Lil’ Mr.TramueL “ Hey Dad, What you doing?”

Mr.TramueL “Nothing, “ Talking to you, What you doing?”

Lil’ Mr.TramueL “Nothing, Talking to you”

Mr.TramueL “How was school?”

Lil’ Mr.TramueL “Dad! We’re on Spring break!”

Mr.TramueL “I know, I was just messing with you 0_0”

My days run together, don’t judge me

… That conversation would continue for another twenty minutes until something on the t.v. caught his attention or until he became bored with me so let’s end it there. The significance of the conversation comes when I discoverer all of the conveniences, sacrifices and all around concern his mother displayed for the kids this week. It is not significant because I observed it, but because it goes without saying everyday, three-sixty-five. The love she exudes for her children is amazing. Shout out to my mom, your mom, baby mama’s, my sister’s, future mama’s and to all of you women reading this post. There is no substitute for you.

The Lesson

The photo above is a pretty accurate depiction of the ex in looks and gifts. Well the hips are a little smaller in the picture but I digress. She is a classically trained lyric soprano but owns and operates her own business working with disadvantage youth.

The last sentence is relative to the conversations, discussions, textersations, blog post, blog comments & thoughts I’ve had this week concerning purpose, vocation & listening for the voice that calls you.

He Said, She Said … Vision

“Don’t let YOUR vision stand in the way of GOD’S dream”