Life & Music. True


I’ve expressed my love for music & ya’ll know I’m a bit kooky. I often relate things happening in my life to the music I am listening to. While it is not specific to the songs lyrics or meaning; a phrase, a verse or the hook may spark a thought.

Life set to True [EP], Solange Knowles

Losing You

I've witnessed relationships that last too long. Believing someone or believing you are responsible for someone's well-being, is a negative emotional attachment. Folks stay unconsciously determined to hold on to nothing. It's a simple matter to clear ourselves of such an attachment once we make it conscious and bring it into better focus. Sometimes a loss can be a win.

Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work

Adversity comes in many styles and colors and is no respecter of people. I lol Solange for this title [Lol is now a verb] ... however this is a real life story and something as cliché as "never give up" applies. Either you break or you break records.

Locked in Closets

Everyone seeks validation [the proportion of healthy vs unhealthy is a separate post], some validation hunters exhaust me and I want to lock them in a closet. Stop needing the world to tell you that something you like or do is ok.

Lovers in the Parking Lot

Back in the day when I was a teenager before I had status and before I had a pager ... Have you ever been caught by the law with your pants down in the back seat of a car in an empty parking lot? No? Me either.

Don’t Let Me Down

Indirectly related to letting folks down & by folks I mean my friends and family; happiness and money have been huge opportunities for me and others close to me. Searching for happiness through money or desiring money to fix things does not work. Folks have to understand what truly makes them happy, outside of money, and then use money [if it is even needed] to facilitate those things that make them happy. Science.

Look Good With Trouble

Saying your happy is not the same as being happy. If something sucks, say so. If you are hurt, lets explore why. I'm not nice, usually walk around with a scowl on my face but I Am caring and will ride or die for those I care about. So instead of saying that you are happy; updating your Facebook status and tweeting random affirmations, let's approach it daily. Some days you will fail and will have a scowl like me. Others you will succeed. Even with a scowl, I look good. Ego formation.

Bad Girls

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good ... Two words. Nia. Long. Did you see her in House of Lies? God bless Nia long and no one else.


I Am