I Hit a Home Run Today

Photo May 18, 3 22 22 PM

Photo May 18, 3 22 22 PM

That was last week, fast forward to this morning and my failed attempt to get Brian’s hair cut. A phone call to Malcolm, unavailable. We drive to two other shops, full. The rush due to game time [youth baseball] at 11 in the AM with a birthday party directly after, constant reminders from his mother that “Brian needs a haircut” and delivered to him “You need a hair cut bad.”

Steps up to the plate …

Brian’s hair while high isn’t the mess that all of this trouble is worth. I’ve never understood until today why hearing “… you need a haircut bad ” vexes me so much. First with Aaron & now Brian.

I’m going to swing for the fence …

The actions and comments of women, while delivered with good intentions to help us become better men, at times weaken our sense of self.

Home run.

Literally and figuratively the boys just brush it off.

Weakening our sense of self can lead to self-doubt, separation from self, and the consequence of our incomplete evolvement. Our inner critic goes to work and one of the most common causes of self-defeat is the expectation that others [especially our parents] will see us as a disappointment. When we transcend this conflict through inner knowledge [for example the way we teach our daughters that their hair does not define them, to be comfortable in their own skin, and that black is be you (tiful)], we discover our true self; which is the realization of our goodness and our value.

Lil' Mr

Lil' Mr

I Am.