Belief & Logic

We have been taught to believe many things. Questioning those learned behaviors can be great for logical calisthenics. 


Im here writing about nothing, journaling my thoughts at four-thirty in the AM for no apparent reason other than laughing to keep from crying at the biggest opportunity in my relationship with The Future. 


Rather, effectively communicating a point of view. I could say the sky is blue while standing outside, on a clear day, and she has the gift of sight, with her eyes wide open, staring at the sky. She would say "No babe, it looks more opaque to me."

Perhaps men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

Perhaps men think before they feel? (In my mind…) Why can’t she see what I see? It has always been blue, and it’s never changed.

Perhaps women feel before they think? (In her mind… Maybe.) Soft fleecy clouds. What a pretty bird. I have a taste for fish tonight. The sky definitely is opaque. 

Resolve conflicts between belief and logic. #SixWordStory 


I Am  


Blu Sky